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"I guess what they say about opposites is true, they do attract. I never would have thought Kevin and I would click. He's a country boy and I'm a city girl. But IJL Dinner Club knew better and sat us next to each other at one of their dinner parties. Now we are planning our wedding for Spring 2016!"

~Carrie & Kevin (Seattle, WA)


"My experience with It's Just Lunch Seattle was a very positive one. Once I decided to give the IJL Dinner Club a try, I was able to meet the most wonderful woman I could imagine. The staff at It's Just Lunch must have known that it was a good match. They informed me about this particular lady (Heidi), that I should keep an eye out for at the dinner party. Here we are, a year later since that magical evening and we are still together as a solid couple. I am very happy to have met my soulmate!"

~Tim & Heidi (Tacoma, WA)


“One afternoon a few months ago, I got a call from the IJL staff who described a new and intriguing venue to meet nteresting people and potentially, women I might find attractive. Their offer was everything that they described and much more. To begin with, the settings in local restaurants have included great food and service. Further, the ten men and women attending these dinners have been smart and interesting with the conversations being entertaining, informative and enjoyable. Of course, the primary advantage is being able to meet five potential dates at one time. Each dinner I’ve attended has been just a great time. I’ve walked away from each dinner with a feeling that I’d met quality people, had an energized conversation, and perhaps a date or two.”

~John (Seattle, WA)

"I have really enjoyed my Dinner Club experiences through It's Just Lunch. Having others at the table takes some of the pressure off your traditional 1st dates and allows you to meet people in a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether it's the welcome glass of bubbly or the private party room, the evening is a lot of fun with a group of folks who share common interests. I've had some delicious food, had some great conversations with folks across the table and seated next to me, and was even able to reconnect with someone with whom I'd lost touch. I've always had a great time and would recommend IJL Dinner Club to anyone looking for a fun new approach to dating."

~Angela (Redmond, WA) 

“IJL Dinner Club reminds me of when I used to live in NYC, and my friends & I would frequent a new restaurant each month. We ate, drank, talked and had a great time! Our favorite nights involved very lively conversations! It's Just Lunch Dinner Events are like that, but better because by the end of the evening there is a chance to exchange phone numbers with someone new. Perhaps it wasn’t someone who caught your eye when you first arrived. However, as you spent time with them, they exhibited a wonderful personality, told great stories and captivated you. So, you ditch your first impression and go with the wiser choice!”

~Shawn (Seattle, WA)

"An IJL Dinner Party is just that...a party! It's wonderful to sit at a table of 10 interesting people, have a delicious dinner with fun conversation, and end the evening with several new introductions! It's Just Lunch sets up the dinner with creative conversational 'ice breaker' questions that help ease everyone into a naturally flowing night. It is an easy, enjoyable environment that I always look forward to!"

~Laurie (Bainbridge Island, WA)

"My work requires a significant amount of travel which doesn't provide me with a lot of options to get out and meet people in social settings. The It's Just Lunch Dinner Club has given me an opportunity to meet and be introduced to some really great people, both men and women, while having an enjoyable evening along with dinner and drinks. The IJL Seattle team does an excellent job of matching the attendees, and I find the women attractive, interesting and their activities open the door to future dates after the dinner party evening ends."

~Steve (Seattle, WA)

The IJL Dinner Club is like being part of an exclusive singles social network!

"My experience with It's Just Lunch Seattle was a very positive one!

~Tim & Heidi (Tacoma)

“I guess what they say about opposites is true, they do attract. IJL Dinner Club sat us next to each other and now we are planning our wedding for Spring ’16!”

~Carrie & Kevin (Seattle)


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